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Trading Activity Insights: GTR 2.0 Portal

The Global Trade Repository’s (GTR's)1 redesigned portal, known as GTR 2.0, significantly improves access to clients’ derivatives trade data by leveraging a common interface across all regions. The user-friendly, self-service portal gives clients direct electronic access to their data stored in a DTCC repository, enhances users’ ability to query the data and delivers valuable insights in the form of a client analytics dashboard with a focus on completeness, accuracy, consistency and timeliness.

The GTR 2.0 user interface is currently available for the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) jurisdiction and for Asia-Pacific (APAC) reporting supporting Australia's ASIC and Singapore's MAS jurisdictions. GTR plans at a later date to expand existing capabilities offered through the user interface to all other jurisdictions currently supported by GTR repositories and to  Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) reporting upon the SFTR reporting compliance date.

Portal features include:

- Increased Control

  Advanced Dashboard

  Ease of use

  Market Analysis


EMIR Portal

Brochure: GTR 2.0 EMIR Portal  

The GTR 2.0 user interface for the EMIR jurisdiction allows clients to access data for their:

- Submissions (ACKs and NACKs for correction and re-submission)

Trades (trade state report)

Reconciliation (pairing and matching for intra and inter reconciliation) 

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APAC Portal

Brochure: GTR 2.0 Asia Portal  

The portal for Asia-Pacific (APAC) supporting the ASIC and MAS jurisdictions includes similar features delivered for EMIR with respect to Submissions and Trades. The portal will also provide client analytics focused on completeness, timeliness, accuracy and consistency.  

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1. DTCC offers the Global Trade Repository service through its registered/licensed trade repositories.