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The RDS Strategy

As a growing business dedicated to providing the industry’s leading solutions for trade reporting and derivatives contract servicing, DTCC’s Repository and Derivatives Services (RDS) enhances its service suite through platform re-architecture initiatives as well as the introduction of new value-added offerings on the platform’s existing infrastructure. To ensure service delivery keeps pace with changes in the marketplace, RDS invests in innovation by harnessing advanced technologies like distributed ledger and cloud, and partnering with key technology providers. RDS continuously executes on its commitments to clients and works with the industry to develop solutions that meet emerging operational and regulatory challenges.

To ensure RDS delivers the solutions that meet clients’ trade reporting and contract servicing needs, DTCC works with the industry to identify emerging operational and regulatory challenges, monitors trends in the market, and measures its performance through internal and client surveys.

Five drivers shape the RDS delivery strategy: 

  • Enhancements – Implement major programmes such as the re-architecture of  GTR and the TIW to (i) improve the client experience, (ii) increase stability and (iii) reduce operating expenses,
  • Value Creation – Develop new offerings from a largely fixed expense in order to deliver value-added services to clients,
  • Innovation – Pursue further opportunities from new and emerging technologies including DTCC’s investment and experience in distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cloud,
  • Investment – Explore opportunities to improve the client experience and derive value-add from technology partnerships, and
  • Execution – Demonstrate DTCC’s credibility by delivering on its promises and driving the organization to work closely with clients and partners.