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The GTR Difference

The Global Trade Repository service (GTR)1 is a one-stop shop for clients’ trade reporting needs, supporting compliance with derivatives regulations in jurisdictions around the world and the EU’s Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) through user-friendly reporting tools and extensive data resources along with substantial client support.

Ownership and governance

As a service offered by its user-owned and -governed DTCC parent, GTR is uniquely positioned to prioritize collaboration with market participants, including clients, vendors, third-party partners, and regulators, to address the operational and compliance challenges of trade reporting.

Product coverage

Though locally registered trade repositories and pursuant to jurisdictional requirements, GTR supports reporting of OTC and exchange-traded derivatives across all five derivatives asset classes -- credit, equity, interest rate, foreign exchange, and commodities. GTR also supports all asset classes to be reported under SFTR, including repo and reverse repo, securities and commodities lending and borrowing, sell/buy-back, buy/sell-back and margin lending and borrowing.

Portal and connectivity

GTR’s redesigned user portal enhances the client experience with many self-service capabilities. The portal offers a simplified, more-intuitive interface along with features that can smoothly integrate other DTCC solutions into clients’ trade lifecycle-management workflow. A future enhancement will give users direct electronic access to their data stored in a repository, maximizing user control over the content, number, and frequency of reports generated. Features include:

- an advanced dashboard that provides a snapshot of submission, trade, and reconciliation data,

- analytical tools that enable performance benchmarking by country, and

- a feature-rich search interface that expedites data queries and customization options to filter and sort query results.

The portal’s enhanced landing page shows a summary of user data from the previous reporting day.

And the redesigned portal makes it easier than ever to tap into GTR’s platform. Users can connect through GTR’s vast network of partner firms.

Find out more about GTR’s user portal

Value-add for SFTR

GTR’s SFTR offering includes several unique features to assist clients in addressing the challenges of reporting their securities financing transactions. Among these features is the pre-user acceptance testing (UAT) simulator. Available at no additional cost, the simulator allows clients to submit test messages and determine whether they will be “acknowledged” or “negative acknowledged” by GTR’s trade message validation process. For negative acknowledged messages, the simulator flags what is wrong so firms can adjust their messaging specifications accordingly.

Through a partnership with Xceptor, a leader in data-centric intelligent automation software, and Droit, a leader in real-time transactional compliance, DTCC’s Report Hub will delivers data transformation and eligibility capabilities to simplify and streamline the complex data and operational requirements of SFT reporting. 

World-class client service

GTR’s multi-channel client service operation provides comprehensive support throughout a client’s trade reporting lifecycle, from onboarding and connectivity through to testing, go-live and post-reporting data analysis. Enabled by its global footprint, GTR provides follow-the-sun support servicing clients in Europe, Asia, North America and Canada. Email and call centers are automatically connected to a case management system to create a feedback loop with clients, relationship managers and client service staff. And an array of self-service tools puts a variety of knowledge, testing and training modules at clients’ fingertips.

1. DTCC offers the Global Trade Repository service through its registered/licensed trade repositories.