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Next Generation of DTCC’s Trade Information Warehouse

DTCC embraces the potential benefits offered by emerging technologies, such as distributed ledger and cloud, to address certain limitations of the current post-trade process by modernizing, streamlining and simplifying the siloed design of the financial industry infrastructure that developed over 40+ years. This is the impetus for re-platforming TIW with new and innovative technology.

The move to distributed ledger and cloud technology enables clients to:

  • Securely share transaction data, creating a single source of truth across multiple participants;
  • Further streamline and automate derivatives processing; and
  • Improve DTCC’s capability to introduce new products and services to enhance the post-trade process.

Currently, MarkitSERV (DSMatch) and the TIW share systems architecture. In a highly coordinated migration, the platforms are separating, as both firms upgrade technologies. We are working together to ensure that customer-facing change is as limited as possible and that connectivity between our platforms remains seamless.

TIW currently automates the record keeping, lifecycle events, and payment management for more than $11 trillion of cleared and bilateral credit derivatives.

For more information and updates on DTCC’s TIW re-platforming initiative, please contact your designated DTCC Relationship Manager.