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Industry demand for a comprehensive pre and post trade reporting solution has increased as regulatory pressures grow both locally and globally in response to the evolving regulatory landscape. Since the 2008 financial crisis, trade reporting rules have created challenges for financial firms, most notably data management complexities and increased burdens on internal compliance teams, who must continually monitor evolving requirements over time.


    Meet DTCC’s smart, innovative, and comprehensive solution. As the preeminent experts in the trade reporting business, we created DTCC Report Hub to put the power of a robust reporting solution in your hands. Invigorate your entire reporting process by bolstering your overall pre and post reporting workflows. The service’s unparalleled functionality enables you to: manage the complexities of reporting across 14 jurisdictions covering global derivatives regulation, Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) and Markets in Financial Instruments Directive II (MiFID II) with a robust control framework; minimize the burden of updating your reporting processes to stay current with changing mandates; and unleash the potential of resilient, scalable, and intuitive technology to help you master your pre and post reporting assurance tasks.

    DTCC ReportHub G20

  • Features and Benefits

    • Customize the pre and post reporting service options to fit your firm’s unique needs;
    • Seamlessly processes large volumes;
    • Simple and easy to use entitlement rules;
    • Advanced exception management and reprocessing functionality; and
    • Receive auto-generated submission monitoring


    DTCC Report Hub Jurisdictions

  • How it Works

    DTCC Report Hub’s robust functionality and flexible integration, provides you with access to a wide range of pre and post trade reporting capabilities to help you successfully meet your trade reporting obligations. The service interfaces with registered TRs, approved reporting mechanisms (ARMs) and approved publication arrangements (APAs) to help you facilitate trade submission. Further simplify your processes when you manage your holistic global derivatives and SFTR reporting needs by using both DTCC Report Hub and our GTR services.


    Pre Reporting capabilities help you prepare your transaction data for submission to a TR, ARM or APA. These include:

    • Data Translation & Enrichment
    • Reporting Eligibility
    • Customizable Rules, including Pre-Validation
    • Unique Trade Identified (UTI) Generation
    • Message Submission Automation
    • Delegated Reporting Support
    • Exception Management
    • Data Lineage & Audit

    Post Reporting Assurance reconciliation and data insights capabilities help you check for reporting accuracy and completeness, after trades have been submitted to a TR, ARM or APA. These include:

    • Accuracy & Anomaly Checks
    • Timeliness Checks
    • Configurable Insights
    • Smart Reconciliations with Ticketing Workflow
    • Delegated Reporting Monitoring

  • For More Information

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