DTCC Report Hub

As the leading experts in the global trade reporting business, we created the DTCC Report Hub® service to provide the quality assurance and reconciliation tools you need to transform and simplify your pre- and post-trade reporting processes.


The DTCC Report Hub service, powered by Xceptor, a leader in data-centric intelligent automation services, is designed to help you simplify and automate your pre- and post-trade reporting processes to address these complex requirements. Prior to reporting trades to a DTCC registered/licensed trade repository (TR), the service can translate trade data into formats required by regulators and then enrich it, configure bespoke client rules, provide jurisdiction eligibility checks, and identify errors and/or missing required data elements. After reporting, it enables you to compare your TR daily activity reports against internal systems of record – providing a robust and unparalleled control and compliance framework.

This solution can help you alleviate the burdens associated with building and supporting complex systems to address changing regulatory requirements and, thereby, reduce technology costs by eliminating the need to build in-house data capabilities, and allowing you to select only the service modules you need.

The DTCC Report Hub service is currently available for use in connection with Securities Financing Transaction Regulation (SFTR) reporting and will be available in the future for global derivatives trade reporting.

Derivatives Trade Reporting

Features and Benefits

  • Drive down the total cost of reporting
  • Enhance your control framework to reduce the compliance risks associated with trade reporting
  • Address timeliness, completeness, and accuracy of reporting data
  • Access to the DTCC Report Hub service and applicable DTCC reporting services with a single sign-on portal
  • Customize the services to fit your firm’s unique use case, including support for data quality assurance and reconciliation of your books to your TR reports

PRE-REPORTING Capabilities

Pre-Reporting Module

The Pre-Reporting module is designed to help you minimize the complexities of preparing your transaction data, typically spread across a myriad of sources in varying formats, for submission to a DTCC trade repository. Capabilities include:

  • Data Normalization 
  • Data Enrichment 
  • Customizable Rules Engine
  • Pre-Validation
  • Exception Management
  • Trade Submission
Reporting Eligibility Module provided by Droit*

Before submitting a transaction to the relevant registered trade repository, you can apply reporting eligibility logic and determine in real-time the global, cross-regulatory reporting implications and obligations associated with that transaction.


Reconciliation Module*

Supports your checks on reporting completeness, accuracy, and timeliness by providing a reconciliation of DTCC TR end-of-day reports against client internal books and records.


*For future implementation


Eventually, you may wish to consolidate your operational systems and replace them with the complete DTCC Report Hub service in order to reduce technology costs and keep up with the requirements of evolving regulations. Alternatively, here’s how you might select only one or two DTCC Report Hub service modules to enhance your pre- or post-reporting:

Pre-reporting quality assurance – If you report directly to a TR, but want a service that provides extra assurance of the quality of data you are submitting to regulators, you can leverage DTCC Report Hub services for data normalization and enrichment along with the rules engine, pre-validation and exception management workflows to support quality assurance in parallel with your internal systems.

DTCC Report Hub Service Module(s) needed: Pre-Reporting Module

Completeness and accuracy reconciliation – If you’re a buy-side firm that delegates reporting to a counterparty, the DTCC Report Hub service’s reconciliation capability can be used to match your internal trading books and records to transactions reported on your behalf and reflected on your DTCC TR end-of-day reports.

DTCC Report Hub Service Module(s) needed: Reconciliation Module

A “black box” for transaction data – If you need assistance preparing your transaction data for regulatory reporting across regulatory jurisdictions, can leverage the DTCC Report Hub service to transform your transaction data using the data normalization, enrichment, rules engine, pre-validation workflows along with the reporting eligibility capabilities once available, and then take the ACK/NACK messages back internally where you can manage exceptions within your own systems.

DTCC Report Hub Service Module(s) needed: Pre-Reporting Module, Reporting Eligibility Module 

Confirm reporting eligibility – If you’re a larger firm with reporting obligations beyond SFTR, you’ll soon be able to leverage the DTCC Report Hub Service to check that reporting eligibility is in-line with your own books and records, with full traceability to the underlying decisions and regulatory rules.

DTCC Report Hub Service Module(s) needed: Reporting Eligibility Module

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