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As the global derivatives market adjusts to new regulatory reporting requirements, the industry has been looking to develop solutions that help with delegated reporting for clients.

One of the main challenges for a reporting party in providing counterparty delegation is the collection, storage and maintained of the propriety counterparty data of the client wanting to delegate reporting.

The counterparty reference data and enrichment service is an industry supported solution that collates, and disseminates the proprietary counterparty data required for EMIR reporting, FinfraG and SFTR. This empowers the client to own and manage their own data fields and therefore provides the reporting party with a simple data collection method to support delegation.

CRDE Client Documentation

If you are a user of derivatives who is going to delegate reporting to your counterparty, and that counterparty has asked you to utilise CRDE please click here: CRDE Client Documentation

CRD Self Registration:

To register for the CRD portal as a Data Provider please complete the self registration process. Once completed you will be able to manage your reference data and permission the relevant reporting parties. Please note you will only be required to complete CRD self-registration if you are a first time user.

To download CRD User Guide please click here: CRD User Guide

The Self Registration portal can be found at the following link: Self Registration.

Operating Procedures

CRDE operating procedures: DTCC Solutions: CRDE Operating Procedures