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Reconciliation Services

As regulators around the world adopt reporting requirements for OTC derivatives, the DTCC’s Global Trade Repository appreciate that our clients own trade data is becoming increasingly bifurcated between disparate internal systems and processes. This has the potential to add to the total cost of our clients processes in way of ensuring they are compliant with the growing list of regulatory regimes around the globe.

While the challenges under each regime are different, there is a consistent incentive for institutions to make sure that the data reported to the repositories is accurate. 

DTCC’s Global Trade repository supports over 220 third party software vendors that have the potential to offer our clients value added reconciliation services. DTCC enable’s vendors to extract data from the GTR so that reconciliation functionality can be utilized. There is an established process to facilitate these setups, any interested parties should contact the Provider Relations team:

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DTCC has partnered with TriOptima, among other service providers, to provide data connectivity to TriOptima’s triResolve portfolio reconciliation service. The collaboration will enable mutual clients to compare their DTCC trade records with their own in-house data against their counterparties reported data if it resides within DTCC.

triResolve’s central hub service collates the data reported to the DTCC and the data within a clients internal system. An algorithmic matching process reconciles trades without common trade IDs and identifies any discrepancies across all reported fields.

DTCC and triResolve connectivity

  • triResolve normalizes the data and uses an advanced algorithm to reconcile records without the requiring a UTI or any common ID;
  • Provides visibility and highlights differences across all reported fields;
  • “Snap shot” comparison of the whole population – provides comparison of unpaired records and the deltas;
  • Flexible user interface allows you to identify, track, pivot, monitor and age discrepancies so you can resolve with your counterparties.

More information

DTCC information brochure

Detailed information about specific requirements can be provided DTCC’s Global teams: