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Q: How do I know if my company is currently registered for SPR?
A: Email [email protected] and we can tell you if your company is already registered and who the existing users are at your firm.

Q: What web browser(s) can I use to access SPR?
A: SPR supports the use of Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. If you attempt to access SPR via any other web browsers, you are likely to encounter issues that may limit the site’s functionality.

Q: Why does the registration form only allow me to input six digits for my CUSIP?
A: The first six digits represent the “base” of your CUSIP family. Your authorization will grant you access to all DTC eligible securities in this family, so only the first six digits are necessary at this point. Note: In SPR you will need to add securities using their full nine digit CUSIPs.

Q: How long will it take to process my registration?
A: We will review your registration within two business days. If further information is necessary to complete your request, we will notify you via email at the address provided during the registration process. If the required additional information or documentation is not provided within five (5) business days, your registration will be rejected. Users still requiring access will need to resubmit their registration and restart the process from the beginning.

Q: DTC will not be able to locate our officers listed on our website nor do we submit SEC filings, what do you need to validate our registration?
A: Please send us a copy of a notarized letter on company letterhead via email to [email protected] that verifies the officer’s title and complete contact information.

Q: My email address is not associated with my company’s corporate domain. What do I need to do to register?
A: Please send us a copy of a notarized letter on company letterhead via email to [email protected] that outlines the reason for this discrepancy.

Q: The existing Officer Coordinator on the account has left our company, what do we do?
A: An Officer must be registered at all times, please have an officer of your firm register by following the New User Registration instructions.

Q: What are the differences between the Officer Coordinator and Coordinator roles?
A: Officer Coordinators can authorize the addition or deletion of users on your account (via email to DTC).

Q: What are the differences between the Coordinator and Operator roles?
A: There are two main entitlements that Coordinators are granted that Operators are not:
1. Coordinators can authorize third party agents and need to provide payment information via our ePayments (EPY) application. (Note: Operators do not have access to EPY and are instead linked to the existing Coordinator’s profile).
2. Coordinators can retrieve your company’s electronic Omnibus Proxy.

Coordinators and Operators both have the ability to add securities to their eligible issue lists, order reports/ subscriptions, and view reports / subscriptions.

Q: How do I pay for charges incurred via SPR?
A: As a Coordinator, once your registration is approved, you will need to update your payment profile with a valid credit card via the EPY application. Please make sure to link this card to the SPR service before submitting. (Note: For record retention purposes you cannot delete credit card information already on file in EPY.)