NSCC Security Eligibility

Is this CUSIP (security) CNS eligible?

DTC participants and their correspondents can access the PTS/ PBS function “GWIZ”, option 2 -DTC Processing Information, to determine if a CUSIP is CNS eligible. For additional information, please contact CNS Operations at 888-382-2721 menu option 5 (NSCC, Equity Clearing, & Wealth Management), then 4 (CNS Operations).

I am an ETF agent and I need to have Standard & Custom instruction CUSIPs made eligible, who do I notify?

The ETF index agent must complete and submit an ETF product information form and email it to SMD_Notices@dtcc.com to request a current form, please email the same address.

How many Custom CUSIPS can I get for an ETF?

The ETF index agent can request up to 5 custom CUSIPs which they request in the email to SMD_Notices@dtcc.com when submitting an ETF product information form.


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