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Systemic Risk Office Team

Michael Leibrock

Michael Leibrock, Managing Director, Credit and Systemic Risk, Jersey City

Michael Leibrock is a Managing Director in DTCC’s Financial and Operational Risk Management division, with primary responsibility for counterparty credit risk and systemic risk. He is responsible for the analysis, approval and ongoing credit surveillance for all members of DTCC’s clearing agencies. Michael is also responsible for the identification and monitoring of potential systemic threats to DTCC and the securities industry, actively engaging with DTCC clients and regulators on systemic risk topics and producing periodic thought leadership products. Michael also serves as chair of DTCC’s Model Risk Governance Committee, co-chair of the Systemic Risk Council and is a member of the Management Risk Committee and Risk Advisory Council.

Michael Leibrock Bio (pdf)

Adrien Vanderlinden

Adrien Vanderlinden, Executive Director, Systemic Risk Office, Jersey City

Adrien Vanderlinden leads the Systemic Risk Office of the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC), which is tasked with identifying, addressing and mitigating the systemic threats to DTCC, its clients and the financial industry at large. He heads DTCC’s interconnectedness risk program and is involved in several other initiatives that are designed to strengthen the resilience of DTCC’s Systemically Important Financial Market Utilities. He is also responsible for developing white papers and other educational materials on systemic risk issues.

Adrien Vanderlinden Bio (pdf)

Additional SRO Team Members

Scott Kaufman, Director, Systemic Risk Office, Jersey City | [email protected]

Gideon Magnus, Director, Systemic Risk Office, Jersey City | [email protected]

Noor Ibrahim, Associate Director, Systemic Risk Office, Dallas | [email protected]

Anabella Prila, Senior Associate, Systemic Risk Office, Manila | [email protected]

Matthew McLean, Senior Associate, Systemic Risk Office, Tampa | [email protected]


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