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The Product CUSIP numbers are used to provide automation and standardization for product identifiers when exchanging insurance information through DTCC. The use of Product CUSIP numbers when exchanging data through DTCC facilitates the validation of the relationship between the carrier and the product identifier. Consensus and best practices will help ensure consistent usage and interpretation on which the industry can rely.


  • Go to DTCC Portal - to utilize CUSIP Profile
  • If you are not currently utilizing CUSIP Profile;
    • Contact your Super Access Coordinator (SAC), who can provide you access
    • If you do not have or do not know your Super Access Coordinator (SAC), please contact [email protected]
    • Any questions, please contact your Relationship Manager.

A complete description of the Super Access Coordinator and the form required to appoint them can be accessed through the links below:

CUSIP Profile

This web services application will allow Carriers to directly add, update, delete, upload, browse and view history of their CUSIP information into a stored CUSIP database.

Distributors will have access to browse Carrier CUSIP information.

To assist with uploading multiple CUSIP Profiles, access the following Excel document. Before use, carefully review each worksheet in the workbook:

Product Type Support by Carrier and Distributor

Note: The content provided is for informational purposes only. Due to the dynamic nature of this information it is always a best to contact the insurance company with your specific product need prior to activating any service.