A message from Adam Bryan, Managing Director, upon the announcement of DTCC’s 2011 Model of Excellence Award

A Message from Adam BryanManaging Director - Adam Bryan

The Analytic Reporting for Annuities service was the winner of a Model of Excellence Award at the InfoCommerce Group’s DataContent 2011 conference. Founded in 1995, InfoCommerce is the leading consulting, publishing, conference and research company focused on the specialized information and data publishing industry. Its annual conference showcases innovative data and information companies and products. One of the features of the conference is the focus on a select group of companies nominated for a “Model of Excellence” award.

Presenting the award, Russell Perkins, Founder and Managing Director of InfoCommerce Group, recognized DTCC’s excellent use of transactional data to create a powerful new business information service with a streamlined, easy to use, interface.

I&RS launched Analytic Reporting for Annuities in June 2011, and was developed with the help of an advisory panel of our Members. We are happy to share this award with all who contributed feedback and guidance, and who tested the application in its earliest iterations.

Since then we’ve been reaching out to many firms, giving demonstrations on site or via WebEx. Some firms have signed on to use the service and many others are currently taking advantage of a free trial. The feedback from our Members has been extremely positive, and this award is additional validation from information industry experts that we’re on the right track in providing important solutions to help better understand your business, your business relationships and the market for annuity products.

In addition to providing this unique information based on the daily annuity transactions processed by DTCC, Analytic Reporting is very attractively priced. The fee for using Analytic Reporting varies by the size of your firm, but remains fixed regardless of the number of users.

I can’t encourage you enough to take advantage of this unique and low-priced service, not only for the benefit of your firm, but also to cast a vote of support for DTCC’s efforts to leverage data from transaction processing into valuable information that can help you manage and improve your business.

If you’d like more information or a demonstration of Analytic Reporting, please call or email your Relationship Manager. We look forward to speaking with you and working with you to improve this service for the mutual benefit of all of our Members.