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Note: Regulatory Membership Requirement

In order to use DTCC's Insurance & Retirement Services for Clearing via National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), participants are required to be members of NSCC.

Data Services Only (DSO)
Users may alternately apply for a Data Services Only (DSO) membership, through which smaller independent broker/dealers, banks and trust companies can access the DTCC connection for the exchange of information only. Money settlement is not available with the DSO Membership.

Choose a Service Option

Subscribing to DTCC Insurance & Retirement Services begins with providing basic information using a form on this website. To begin, choose the service option below that you need.

I am a current member of Insurance & Retirement Services

 I am already a member looking to use a specific product

I would like to become a member of Insurance & Retirement Services

 I am looking for either a full or a limited membership (i.e., Data Services Only)