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DTCC’s MF Info Xchange facilitates and centralizes the delivery and receipt of time-critical mutual fund, bank collective fund and other pooled investment product notifications to reduce risk throughout the communication process.

  • Overview

    MF Info Xchange, the first communications center of its kind from DTCC’s Wealth Management Services, facilitates and centralizes the delivery and receipt of time-critical notifications, including corporate actions, service disruptions and other critical alerts, which typically require communications from funds to their intermediary partners.

    Applying technology to notifications eliminates the manual email & fax process. MF Info Xchange effectively standardizes, streamlines and reduces risk throughout the communication process. The service also includes an event calendar for receivers to view date-critical events, upcoming informational events and historical details.

  • Benefits

    MF Info Xchange features an intuitive and dynamic web interface and provides real-time notifications with a complete audit trail. Service features include:

    • Comprehensive portal supporting many types of notifications.
    • Eliminates lengthy and complex notifications with pre-defined and standardized set of data elements.
    • Audit Trail ability to view updates to notifications as well as other client activity performed within the portal.
    • Event calendar enables users to view date-critical events, track historical event details, and remind receivers of upcoming events, all in one place.
    • Consolidated Schedules view allows clients to provide monthly, quarterly and annual Dividend/Capital Gain and Interval/Tender Fund Transaction schedules and helps manage these events.
    • Seamless integration with MF Profile Security (DTCC’s centralized data source of comprehensive fund prospectus and operational rules), automates the extraction of fund data and minimizes the risks associated with manual entries.
    • Ability for notification receivers to designate email recipients by Event Type
    • Two way communication between funds and intermediaries
    • API capabilities allow clients to automate their event communication process, customize data extraction, and achieve straight-through processing directly to and from their internal system(s). 

  • Who Can Use The Service

    Any interested financial organization that meets the qualifications of DTCC’s National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC) subsidiary can use the service.

  • How the Service Works

    Clients may access the DTCC dynamic web interface to send notifications. Intermediaries will have access to the event calendar and other features available on the DTCC portal. Clients may utilize API capabilities to send and/or receive notifications.


    • Input - Funds and Firms submit notifications to their partners via MF Info Xchange. Notifications can be submitted via DTCC Portal or API calls. DTCC receives and saves notification data into the database. Email communication will be generated and sent to every email address indicated on the sender’s distribution list. Email recipients not utilizing/subscribing to MF Info Xchange will receive the same email communication as those contacts that are subscribing to the service.
    • Output - Notification data is sent to receivers via email. The data can also be reviewed in the portal with access to the event calendar and other event information. Clients can utilize API capabilities to receive notification data via API calls.

  • For More Information

    Please contact Client Support at 1-212-855-8877 or by email at [email protected].

    MF Info Xchange is an offering of the National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC), a wholly-owned DTCC subsidiary and DTCC itself does not provide such services. The description provided herein is for informational purposes only. This service is governed by applicable Rules and Procedures of NSCC, which contain the full terms, conditions, and limitations applicable to this service. ©1999-2021 The Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation. All rights reserved.

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