Licensing & Appointments

Licensing & Appointments (LNA) automates and standardizes the two-way flow of information needed to manage producer information between insurance carriers and distributors, eliminating paper and simplifying data exchange.

LNA provides a streamlined and cost-effective means for the insurance market to exchange producer data. In addition, it affords carriers, distributors and their training vendors the ability to share producer training completions information amongst each other. This feature helps manage NAIC Suitability in Annuities model regulation for producer training.


Licensing & Appointments (LNA) is available to firms that are members of DTCC’s National Securities Clearing Corporation (NSCC). Click here for information on how to become a member of NSCC.


Using either a traditional secured network connection or via the Access platform, participating companies can send attachments to their counterparties and obtain real-time status reports from the Messaging Dashboard. For more information, please see a demo.


With LNA, clients can:

  • Mitigate the potential for unauthorized sales by reconciling distributors’ and carriers’ records for licenses, appointments and training completions.
  • Decrease operating costs by reducing redundant manual processes and  eliminating paperwork, faxes and overnight mail.
  • Reduce the lead time for obtaining licensing and appointment authorizations, allowing agents to begin selling the same day, depending on various rules and regulations.
  • Use LNA Access®, a web-based / standalone tool with no additional cost, to enter required data for appointment requests and appointment terminations, producer terminations, address changes, producer ID changes, license confirmations, and training completions.

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