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What is RSS?

The Subscription Center provides an easy, comprehensive way to receive Important Notices and other information about DTCC in real time. Real-time access to Important Notices, newsletters and press releases issued by DTCC subsidiaries is provided using a Web-based notification system that leverages RSS (Really Simple Syndication).RSS subscriptions enable users to automatically receive content that frequently changes. Specific information that you want to receive via RSS is called a newsfeed. When you subscribe to a newsfeed, you receive a summary of any new updates or changes.

How do I subscribe to RSS?

Newsfeeds are supported by a growing list of software tools such as email clients like Microsoft Outlook, and Web browsers, and can even be integrated directly into a firm's intranet.

  1. Select a feed reader. A newsfeed reader (or "aggregator") pulls all of your RSS newsfeeds into one place. There are newsfeed readers included in email programs such as Microsoft Outlook and Mozilla Firefox.
  2. Find a feed to subscribe to.When you go to a Web site, look for the orange icon that represents RSS newsfeeds. On many blogs and Web sites, all you have to do is click the icon and copy the resulting URL into your feed reader and you're done. Virtually every major site has RSS newsfeeds, so you should easily recognize them. To subscribe to DTCC newsfeeds, click the icon of your choice to the right of the newsfeed that you wish to receive.
  3. Set up subscriptions in your feed reader. To subscribe manually, click the orange RSS icon. This opens the newsfeed in a new browser window. In your newsfeed reader, click on Add subscription. Paste the URL for the newsfeed into the box. To subscribe automatically using a service provider, click the icon that links to the service provider of your choice. The service provider may require you to sign up for an account, if you don't already have one.
  4. Use additional features, like RSS-to-email. The power of RSS is in its flexibility. You may be able to receive RSS notifications via a feed reader, via email, or both. 

When is the RSS updated?

Important Notices from DTCC's subsidiaries, newsletters, and press releases are publicly accessible online anytime from without a subscription or password under the "Legal & Regulatory" menu. As soon as new Important Notices are posted to, customers have immediate access.

Once subscribed via RSS, simply check your newsfeed reader to view a real-time listing of the most up-to-date Important Notices, newsletters, and/or press releases. Depending on the feed reader that you use, a manual refresh of the service may be needed (look for a "refresh" button). Subscribers may experience delays from online services which are not controlled by DTCC.

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