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Mutual Fund Services (MF) delivers a broad range of innovative transactional and information services to automate, standardize and centralize processes to create efficiencies and reduce cost and risk for the mutual fund marketplace. MF solutions drive business relationships between asset managers and their distributors, linking a vast network including fund companies, investment managers, broker/dealers, banks, trusts, and other financial services firms that offer fund investments to the market.

Mutual Fund Services

DTCC’s MF Info Xchange facilitates and centralizes the delivery and receipt of time-critical mutual fund, bank collective fund and other pooled investment product notifications to reduce risk throughout the communication process.

The ACATS-Fund/SERV® ACATS-Fund/SERV is a dynamic service that automates and standardizes transfers and re-registration of assets in a client’s mutual fund account.  

Defined Contribution Clearance & Settlement (DCC&S) streamlines purchase, redemption, and exchange transaction processes in defined contribution and other retirement plans.

DTCC Payment aXis® automates and streamlines the processing of commissions and various mutual fund fee types, including the transmission and settlement of invoices for broker controlled and retirement plan accounts.

Fund/SERV® is the U.S. industry standard for processing and settling mutual fund, bank collective fund and other pooled investment product transactions between fund companies and distributors.

Global Update allows member firms to provide updated account representative and branch change information in a standardized format that affects single and/or multiple customer accounts.

Mutual Fund Profile Service I Daily Price and Rate File (MFPS I) provides fund companies with an automated solution for delivering prices and daily distribution rates to their intermediaries.

Mutual Fund Profile Service II (MFPS II) is a multi-dimensional repository of three databases that allows funds, broker/dealers and other distribution firms to automate and streamline the exchange of accurate and timely information on securities, participants and distributions.

Networking, offered by DTCC’s Wealth Management Services (WMS), is the industry standard for mutual fund account reconciliation and dividend processing.

Retirement Plan Reporting delivers a centralized and standardized solution for transmitting retirement plan level information among mutual fund industry participants.

Networking for Standardized Data Reporting helps funds and insurance carriers monitor trading frequency by investors whose transactions are housed in omnibus accounts.

Omni/SERV® provides a streamlined communication platform for the transmission of Activity and Position files for fund accounts held in Omnibus, enabling participating trading partners to share sub-account information.

Transfer of Retirement Assets enables mutual fund companies to transfer to other fund companies the assets and values of mutual fund shares held in fund-sponsored IRA plans.

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