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This web page is designed to facilitate communication with the agent community by providing information and reference documentation that is necessary to interact with The Depository Trust Company (DTC).

Agent Services is the entry point for transfer agents at DTC. In order to establish a relationship with DTC, agents must first become DTC-eligible. The links below provide information and documentation that agents must complete in order to become DTC-eligible agents, FAST agents, and eligible for DTC's Direct Registration System (DRS). The Issuer Services link provides access to an array of central communication and information resources for depository-eligible securities that facilitate outreach by issuers to shareholders.

Products and Services

Becoming a DTC-Eligible Agent


In order to interact and communiate with DTC, agents must first become eligible in DTC's system.

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The FAST Program


FAST is a contract between DTC and transfer agents whereby FAST agents act as custodians for DTC.

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The Direct Registration System (DRS) enables investors to elect to hold their assets in book entry form directly with the issuer by leveraging DTC’s connectivity with FAST transfer agents.

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CA Information for Agents


Agents can find important forms and reference information about corporate actions that are designed to facilitate their timely and efficient processing.

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