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Welcome to 'Advancing Financial Markets Together,' DTCC’s new podcast that dives into industry trends and perspectives, with our colleagues across the global financial services community.


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Evolution & The Changing Role of CCP Supervision

Join Klaus Löber, Chair of ESMA's CCP Supervisory Committee, and DTCC's Andrew Douglas, Managing Director of Government Relations for EMEA and Asia, as they discuss the Evolution & The Changing Role of CCP Supervision in Safeguarding EU Financial Stability.

Landscape of Cyber Security

October is Cyber Security Awareness month. Listen to Katheryn Rosen, Managing Director at JPMorgan Chase & Co., and our own Jason Harrell, Head of External Engagements, as they discuss the global supervisory landscape of cyber security in the financial services industry.

Unlocking the Value of Post-Trade Data with Tim Lind and Bob Iati

Join the discussion with Bob Iati, Managing Director at Burton Taylor, and Tim Lind, Managing Director of Data Services at DTCC, on the value of post-trade data, how it’s being consumed, and shaping investment strategies across asset classes.

Podcast Episode 5

Join Amy Caruso, Head of Collateral Initiatives International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc. (ISDA), and Bob Stewart, DTCC Executive Director of Institutional Trade Processing at DTCC, for a discussion on how buy-side firms are preparing for the final phases of UMR.

Podcast Cloud Technology: Powerful & Evolving

With firms navigating unprecedented levels of volatility, cloud technology has taken on a new level of importance. It’s no secret that businesses now have a heightened focus on resilience. Join the discussion with Adrian Cockcroft, Vice President of Cloud Architecture Strategy at Amazon Web Services, and James Lee, Chief Technology Officer at DTCC, on how cloud technology can help businesses with their resilience strategy.


How will the next decade play out for the securities services industry? What are the major forces and trends that could shape how the industry will evolve? Join Phil Brown, Chairman of the International Securities Services Association (ISSA) and CEO of Clearstream Holding AG, and Bill Hodash, Managing Director, DTCC Enterprise Data Management, for a discussion on the future of finance.


Join J. Christopher Giancarlo, Former CFTC Chairman and Co-Founder of the Digital Dollar Project , and Chris Childs, Managing Director of DTCC Repository and Derivatives Services and President of DTCC Deriv/Serv, for a wide-ranging conversation on cryptocurrency, derivatives, data harmonization, Libor, and much more.


Join Paul Rowady, Director of Research at Alphacution, and Tim Lind, Managing Director of DTCC Data Services, for a conversation about active versus passive strategies.


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