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DTCC provides trade repository services for derivatives and securities financing transactions through its Global Trade Repository service (GTR), the industry leader in trade reporting. As the only industry-owned and -governed global provider of trade reporting services, GTR is uniquely positioned to help market participants address some of their most important operational and regulatory challenges in an ever-evolving environment.

Repository Services

Post-Brexit, DTCC Data Repository (Ireland) Plc (DDRIE) will be the registered TR to support the EU27 countries. GTR provides derivatives and securities financing transaction reporting services in Europe for compliance with EMIR, SFTR and Switzerland’s FinfraG.

Post-Brexit, DTCC Derivatives Repository Plc (DDRL) will be DTCC’s registered UK TR, operating under the authority of the FCA, while newly established DTCC Data Repository (Ireland) Plc (DDRIE) will be the registered TR to support the EU27 countries.

GTR operates licensed/registered trade repositories to enable clients to comply with transaction reporting regulations in Australia, Singapore and Japan, and in Hong Kong operates as an agent for client reporting to the Hong Kong Trade Repository.

GTR provides transaction reporting services for derivatives in the U.S. and Canada through DTCC Data Repository (U.S.) LLC (DDR), a U.S. CFTC-registered Swap Data Repository and authorized by Canadian regulators to provide services throughout Canada.

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