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TradeSuite ID has been a cornerstone of the U.S. equity and fixed-income markets for more than 35 years. As the industry has evolved, so has TradeSuite ID – offering broker/dealers and other market participants robust compliance, streamlined automation and enhanced functionality.


  • about

    TradeSuite ID delivers substantial efficiency and cost savings to firms through automated electronic trade agreement between counterparties. This streamlined end-to-end process reduces operational risk by eliminating manual and verbal communications, while accelerating the time from trade date to settlement. Since firms no longer need to generate and deliver paper confirmations to counterparties, the savings from printing, mailing and storing trade documents can be significant.

    In an environment where change is constant and reliability often elusive, TradeSuite ID’s solid history and 99.99% availability supporting mission-critical operations stand out. It sets the bar for dependability of electronic trade agreement — even at high volumes of over 2 million confirmations per day.

  • who can use the service

    More than 1,600 brokers, investment managers, hedge funds and custodians/agent banks use TradeSuite ID every day to process their U.S. domestic trades.

  • Benefits

    • Streamline post-trade process by electronically processing trade messages between all trading and settlement counterparties.
    • Improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by eliminating errors and delays associated with phone and fax.
    • Integrate front and back office trade communications through flexible message translation services and automation of notices of execution and allocations.
    • Integrate with ALERT for standing settlement and account instructions, minimizing input and eliminating the risk of failed trades due to missing or inaccurate information.
    • Integrate with CTM to centralize matching and automate and accelerate the trade affirmation process.
    • Implementation options allow flexibility in the method of system access. Choose from MQ message queuing, CCF batch processing, SWIFT (M509/M515/M517), Participant Browser System (PBS), User Interface (BTI, Confirm Affirm, NearMatch), TradeHub or Partner Interface.

  • How it Works

    TradeSuite ID

    • Provides seamless connectivity into DTCC and NSCC, including CNS and ID Net.
    • Handles high volumes of confirmations quickly and efficiently
    • Accelerates the confirm/affirm electronic trade agreement process, providing more time to identify errors or mismatches in trade details
    • Saves industry costs and mitigates operational risk by increasing the likelihood that a trade will settle.
    • Improves customer service.

    TradeSuite ID also enables compliance with all existing and newly introduced mandates from the SEC, FINRA, MSRB and other regulatory agencies. Through a series of “no action” letters, the SEC sanctioned the use of Omgeo solutions to fulfill recordkeeping and disclosure obligations electronically. Broker/dealers who subscribe to inSITE® and Confirm Archive in conjunction with TradeSuite ID can offer clients the peace of mind that post-trade operations are in compliance.

    In addition, these solutions:

    • Meet SEC rule 10b-10 and MSRB Rule G-15 obligations for disclosure of trade details, among other requirements
    • Satisfy SEC rule 17a-3 and 17a-4 for creation, storage and retention of confirmations
    • Promote industry best practices for transparency, auditability, monitoring and control
    • Fulfill FINRA rule 11860 regulatory obligations for confirmation/affirmation processing
    • Assume regulatory and administrative responsibility for archive management

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    Our technical experts are available 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. Contact us if you have questions regarding TradeSuite ID and its benefits.

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