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As the central counterparty for the nation’s major exchanges and markets, DTCC's equities subsidiary, NSCC, clears and settles virtually all broker-to-broker equity, listed corporate and muni bond and UIT trading in the U.S., ensuring capacity, certainty and reliability to handle today’s enormous trading volumes.

Equities Clearing - Trade Capture

The CNS Interface for prime broker is a settlement option that streamlines prime broker trade processing. The interface allows an executing broker to hand off a trade executed for a hedge fund to its prime broker for clearance and settlement.
Correspondent Clearing is a service that allows NSCC Members to move a position from an executing broker (or special representative) account to a different clearing broker (correspondent) account.
DTCC Limit Monitoring is a risk mitigation tool that leverages the largest aggregate equity trading information in the industry to bring users unprecedented post-trade insights, updated in near-real-time.
An Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is a security that trades on an exchange as an equity that seeks to replicate the performance of an index without the need to purchase the underlying components.
The Foreign Securities Comparison and Netting (FSCN) service automates the comparison and receipt of locked-in trades and bi-lateral netting of non-U.S. equity transactions that are submitted to NSCC.

Universal Trade Capture (UTC) is a service that validates and reports equity transactions that are submitted to NSCC by an exchange or by Qualified Special Representatives (QSRs) that is an NSCC Member.

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