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DTCC Joins Efforts Calling for Racial Justice

Mike Bodson, DTCC President & CEO, joins top business leaders in calling for efforts to achieve racial justice.

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Real Change Starts With Honest Dialogue

Keisha Bell shares her personal thoughts on recent events surrounding George Floyd's death, and emphasizes the need for honest conversations regarding racial injustice.

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ACATS: Increasing Opportunities to Decrease Risk

Bill Kapogiannis explains how ACATS is increasing opportunities to decrease risk in the account transfer process.

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Published June 3 2020 | Find in Mitigating Risk

Voice of the Buy-Side

By DTCC Connection Staff

Voice of the Buy-SideDTCC surveyed 300 cross-industry webinar attendees (most of which were from the buy-side) to get the view from market participants themselves on how these regulations will impact the buy-side community. Here is the industry view on how these new regulations will impact the buy-side.


Published June 2 2020 | Find in Mitigating Risk, Engaging Industry


By DTCC Connection Staff

The Building of a Cyber Resilient Financial Services SectorRead ISITC's interview with DTCC, which touches on prominent trends, challenges and opportunities facing the financial services industry.


Published June 2 2020 | Find in Mitigating Risk

Building a Cyber Resilient Financial Sector

By Jason Harrell, DTCC Executive Director and Head of Business and Government Cybersecurity Partnerships

The Building of a Cyber Resilient Financial Services SectorJason Harrell writes about evolving cyber threats and the need for firms to build proper defenses to protect consumer data and financial market integrity