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Industry demand for a comprehensive pre and post trade reporting solution has increased as regulatory pressures grow both locally and globally in response to the evolving regulatory landscape. Since the 2008 financial crisis, trade reporting rules have created challenges for financial firms, most notably data management complexities and increased burdens on internal compliance teams, who must continually monitor evolving requirements over time.


    The DTCC Report Hub® service is a highly efficient solution for pre and post trade reporting that can help firms manage the complexities of meeting multiple regulatory mandates across jurisdictions. With comprehensive jurisdictional [and regulation] coverage, the service can help firms mitigate compliance risks, enhance operational efficiencies and drive down costs.

    DTCC Report Hub’s robust functionality and flexible integration, provides firms with access to a wide range of pre and post trade reporting capabilities, including pre reporting data normalization and exception management, assessment of reporting eligibility, automated reconciliation, and compliance analytics creation. The DTCC Report Hub service also interfaces with registered trade repositories (TRs) and approved reporting mechanisms (ARMs) to facilitate trade submission.

    Firms using the DTCC Report Hub service have the ability to manage their derivatives, Markets in Financial Instruments II (MiFID II), and Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR) pre and post trade reporting requirements via a unified single-vendor platform.

    DTCC ReportHub G20

  • Features and Benefits

    • Drive down the total cost of reporting;
    • Customize the pre and post reporting service options to fit your firm’s unique needs;
    • Seamlessly processes large volumes;
    • Simple and easy to use entitlement rules;
    • Advanced exception management and reprocessing functionality; and
    • Receive auto-generated submission monitoring


    DTCC Report Hub Jurisdictions


    The DTCC Report Hub service allows you to select only the modules you want to use to meet your needs and align to your existing technology systems and operating models, creating greater efficiencies for in-house technology and staff.

    Pre Reporting Module

    The DTCC Report Hub’s Pre Reporting module provides a comprehensive set of capabilities to prepare your transaction data for submission to a TR or ARM.

    • Data Normalization
    • Data Enrichment
    • Reporting Eligibility
    • Customizable Rules Engine including Pre-Validation
    • Unique Trade Identified (UTI) Generation
    • Trade Submission
    • Support for Delegated Reporting
    • Exception Management with Full Audit Trail

    Post Reporting Modules

    After transactions have been submitted to a TR or ARM, DTCC Report Hub’s post reporting modules provide functionality to check for reporting accuracy and completeness. The post reporting modules are available a la cart and can be used together or individually and also in combination with the Pre Reporting Module.

    Reconciliation Module

    Allows you to reconcile your internal end-of-day position data against data reflected on your end-of-day reports provided by TRs/ARMs. The Reconciliation Module also facilitates reconciliations against any counterparty-reported trades to help you meet applicable regime specific reconciliation requirements. Together, these reconciliation capabilities provide robust post reporting controls for completeness and accuracy checks. If you utilize the Pre Reporting Module, the Reconciliation module also performs reference data reconciliations to ensure the counterparty reference data setup in the Data Enrichment capability matches your own data sources.

    Data Insights Module

    Provides a customized data view that can offer insights into your transaction and regulatory reporting information including summary, trade detail and reconciliation dashboards to help monitor your end-of-day reports provided by TRs/ ARMs for completeness, accuracy and timeliness.

    *Not all functionality may be available for SFTR pre and post reporting.


    DTCC Report Hub modules are designed to meet a wide variety of needs. You can select one, two or all modules to support your pre or post reporting.

    A Consolidated Pre and Post Trade Reporting System

    By using the complete DTCC Report Hub suite of services you can maximize operational efficiencies, reduce technology costs and mitigate compliance risk. DTCC Report Hub Module(s) needed: Pre Reporting Module, Reconciliation Module, Data Insights Module.

    Completeness and Accuracy Reconciliation

    If you’re a buy-side firm that delegates reporting to a counterparty, the DTCC Report Hub service’s reconciliation module can be used to reconcile your internal trading books and records against transactions reported on your behalf and reflected on your end-of-day reports provided by TRs/ARMs. DTCC Report Hub Service Module(s) needed: Reconciliation Module

    Insights to Support Compliance

    If you wish to improve monitoring of your reporting completeness, accuracy and timeliness, you can leverage DTCC Report Hub’s data insights module to supplement your transaction and regulatory reporting information. DTCC Report Hub Service Module(s) needed: Data Insights Module

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