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Global Tax Services offers a variety of services for both domestic and international clients including services to provide tax relief on non-U.S. securities, withholding tax services on U.S.-sourced income paid to non-U.S. institutions and a tax reporting data service. The offerings are as follows:

Products & Services

DTC TaxRelief


DTC TaxRelief enables qualifying beneficial owners to obtain tax relief "at-source" or via quick conditional refund on certain cross-border income payments as a result of tax relief arrangements.

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U.S. Tax Withholding Services


The U.S. Tax Withholding Service ensures the appropriate U.S. non-resident alien (NRA) withholding tax gets applied on U.S.-sourced income paid to non-U.S. financial institutions holding securities at the DTC.

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The Domestic Tax Reporting Service (DTax), provided by DTCC Solutions LLC, provides income classification information necessary for U.S. Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 1099 form reporting.

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305(c) Announcements


DTCC’s 305(c) Tax Event Announcements provides information-only announcements on deemed distributions under Internal Revenue Code 305(c)

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871(m) Announcements


DTCC’s 871(m) Tax Event Announcements provide information-only announcements on dividend equivalent amounts under Internal Revenue Code 871(m).

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