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Waters Wavelength Podcast: Countdown to T+1

By Wei-Shen Wong and Theo Normanton | 37 minute listen | April 10, 2024

Wei-Shen Wong, Asia Editor, and Anthony Malakian, Editor-in-Chief of WatersTechnology, record a weekly podcast touching on the biggest stories in financial technology.

To hear the full interview, listen in the player above, or you can click on the download button in the player above.

"Take 5” and catch up with DTCC’s podcasts

Joining Wei-Shen on the podcast this week is Val Wotton, managing director and general manager for Institutional Trade Processing at the DTCC. They talk about the time left to US T+1, the assessment of firms’ readiness, as well as the SEC’s rule on affirmation rates.

5:30 – Val joins the podcast and gives an overview of his role at the DTCC
7:00 – The T+1 finish line is in sight 9:00 – Val walks through the status of affirmations in the industry
12:30 – Investment managers have three options 16:00 – FX funding is another challenge
19:30 – The SEC’s targets, potential consequences, and focus on adhering
31:00 – Move to T+1 in Europe, the UK and Asia

This article was originally published to WatersTechnology on March 29, 2024.