Alternative Investment Product Services

Alternative Investment Product Services (AIP) is a standardized, trading and reporting platform that links the alternative investments industry to securely and efficiently exchange data and money.

AIP is advancing automation in alternatives.


AIP Fact Sheet

AIP was created with a vision to modernize the alternatives industry by introducing a centralized, universal standard for processing, reporting and settling transactions.

DTCC built the centralized AIP platform in collaboration with industry partners and designed it to be easily accessible to all alternatives marketplace participants. Engineered to support alternative investments products including hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity, non-traded REITs and business development companies, each new client adoption brings AIP one step closer to the goal of automating alternatives processing for the entire industry.

Dynamic Line Chart for AIP

Based on the successful model of DTCC’s Mutual Fund Services, AIP is poised to similarly transform the business of investments in alternatives. The platform helps eliminate manual transactions, speed processes, lower operational risks and costs and increase transparency across the marketplace, including money settlement.

Member firms include: Fund managers, fund administrators, transfer agents, broker/dealers, custodians and others. View the full list.

How the Service Works

AIP is strategically situated between product manufacturers and distributors, acting as transaction processing and trade execution channel. Leveraging DTCC’s strong track record of automating, centralizing and standardizing many industries, AIP brings these paradigms to alternatives with a service that supports:

  • Creating unique fund identifiers
  • Registering and maintaining investor accounts
  • Executing purchases, redemptions and capital calls with money settlement
  • Transmitting electronic documents
  • Reporting investor-level position and activity data and many other transactions

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AIP supports funds and firms as they navigate the complexities of a growing industry and helps them move away from entrenched, manual processes that are time consuming and prone to error. Benefits include:

  • Decreased cycle time to execute transactions
  • Increased transparency into the status of transactions
  • Decreased reliance on paper documents, faxes, emails and phone calls
  • Reduced manual processing errors and risk
  • Increased security and resiliency
  • Improved compliance by leveraging AIP’s designation as a good control location