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At DTCC, corporate responsibility is ingrained in our culture and embedded in our values. The passion and energy we bring to our role in protecting the financial stability of global markets is equally evident in our allegiance to employees and their families, and our commitment to the communities in which we work and to the individuals who call those communities home.

Corporate responsibility is focused on three core areas:


Promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion that respects the value of each individual.


Enriching local communities through active engagement and corporate philanthropy.


Supporting the health and well-being of our employees and communities by fostering a sustainable environment.

DTCC believes that directing human and financial resources toward achieving these goals is fundamental to our mission and a key component in building a stronger and more vital organization. Our corporate responsibility efforts define us, differentiate us and position us as an employer of choice. They are designed to build an inclusive corporate environment, support schools and nonprofit agencies that are dedicated to enhancing the vibrancy of local communities, and minimize our impact on the environment.

Social Responsibility

DTCC's corporate responsibility policies and programs are formulated in partnership with employees from various departments who work closely with the company's Global Diversity & Inclusion Council, a group representing a geographic and cultural cross-section of the organization. Through ongoing engagement, communication and education, policies and programs are formalized and then embedded within the company by a support network of senior managers, working committees, employee networks and committed individuals.

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DTCC works to fully integrate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the workplace. Our employees represent an extraordinary range of talent, experience, cultural backgrounds and unique perspectives – all of which are essential to our long-term growth and success.

Under the leadership of the Global Diversity & Inclusion Council, DTCC continues to make significant progress in strengthening our company by:

Requiring all employees to establish a diversity and inclusion goal in their performance-development plans.

Employing metrics to measure the progress of senior leaders in hiring and promoting diverse employees against a Leadership Scorecard.

Supporting a robust group of Business Professional Networks (BPNs) that enjoy the participation of more than 40% of the DTCC worldwide workforce. These networks help address the challenges of engagement and professional growth for traditionally underrepresented employee groups and women. In 2013, DTCC added a seventh BPN for employees who are military veterans to help expand the company's support and commitment to attracting and retaining this valued segment of our workforce.

The BPNs also play an important role in working with senior leadership to address advancement opportunities and workforce policies, and serve as a resource for innovative solutions to advance the company's business objectives. For example, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) and Allies BPN was instrumental in the company's 2012 decision to extend health coverage by offering transgender health benefits to U.S.-based employees and, in 2011, to equalize the federal tax paid on same-sex domestic partner health coverage. For these efforts, DTCC was recognized by the Human Rights Campaign as an employer of choice in 2012.

DTCC also is committed to investing the time and resources necessary to ensure employees grow their careers and maximize their potential. Professional development activities include:

Talent management practices, leadership development programs and educational offerings that nurture employee development and ensure a robust pipeline of future leaders.

Formal individual, group and reverse mentoring programs, which bring together mentors and mentees representing different geographic locations, cultural backgrounds and generations to provide coaching and guidance in support of the employee's development.

DTCC's Pipeline Program, a junior talent development initiative that created 35 full-time positions for early-career talent and recent undergraduates.

The success of these efforts is reflected in significant improvements in DTCC's annual employee survey, which showed improvements in categories such as opportunities for advancement, DTCC as a positive place to work and employees' perception of their work environment.

Volunteerism and philanthropic donations lie at the heart of DTCC's corporate responsibility efforts to improve the communities where employees live and work.

In 2012, DTCC employees contributed more than $850,000 to the United Way, placing the organization in the Top 10 Contributing Companies of Similar Size. These donations provide assistance to thousands of agencies throughout the U.S.

DTCC employees also contributed considerable time and resources to 31 volunteer activities in New York, New Jersey, Tampa and Dallas, including adopting schools, participating in blood drives, contributing to back-to-school and holiday drives, volunteering at food kitchens and children's reading circles, and conducting workshops on résumé writing and interviewing skills for students.

Other community-focused educational programs give individuals opportunities to expand their business knowledge and skills, making them more attractive as job candidates and providing DTCC with local talent pools for future employment. For instance, DTCC supports summer internship programs through national nonprofit organizations such as NPower, The Pencil Fellows Program and Gateway to Leadership. In 2012, these programs led to 31 college interns building their business acumen and professional skills within DTCC's Technology, Risk and Staff Administration departments.

DTCC is seeking a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) designation from the U.S. Green Building Council for sustainable building practices.

This application for LEED recognition stems from the company's relocation of 1,900 staff members, starting in December 2012, from Manhattan to the Newport Office Center neighborhood of Jersey City, N.J. In building its new offices, DTCC renovated an existing building and redesigned it to accommodate the organization's needs and environmental policies.

The building was reconstructed to maximize environmental sustainability, including the responsible use of resources, reducing waste, preventing pollution, and improving indoor air and light quality. For example, 94% of demolition and construction waste did not go into landfills, the equivalent of more than 836 tons. In addition, 28% of the site's new architectural materials were manufactured locally and contained 33% recycled material.

DTCC also received recognition as one of five Platinum-level winners of the Hudson County, N.J., Smart Workplaces 2012 Employer Recognition awards for the company's promotion of sustainable transportation options at its Jersey City site.

In winning the highest-level honor, DTCC was cited for its efforts not only to promote use of public transit but also to offer flexible telecommuting arrangements for staff assigned to the recently opened New Jersey office. The awards are sponsored by the New Jersey Department of Transportation and Hudson Transportation Management Association.