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In 2012, DTCC businesses worked closely with clients to enhance service offerings and deliver new capabilities to strengthen risk management, reduce costs and create greater operating efficiencies. Another focus was looking for innovative ways to leverage the DTCC infrastructure and the huge amounts of data the company retains to help firms meet new regulatory requirements in a timely and cost-effective manner.

DTCC also demonstrated thought leadership across a range of industry issues, such as addressing systemic risk in the over-the-counter derivatives markets globally, shortening the U.S. equity settlement cycle, strengthening settlement finality in the markets for equities and money market instruments, dematerializing the U.S. markets and championing interoperability among central counterparties in Europe.

Additionally, DTCC advanced multiple projects to upgrade and consolidate systems that provide core clearing, settlement and asset servicing capabilities, initiatives that facilitate greater standardization, while delivering new efficiencies and reduced risk.

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