Management Committee

Management Committee

The Management Committee coordinates company strategy, and is directly supported by various senior committees.

Michael Bodson

Michael C. Bodson

President and Chief Executive Officer, DTCC; President and Chief Executive Officer of DTC, FICC and NSCC Read Full Bio
Paula Arthus

Paula Arthus

Paula Arthus, Managing Director, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO Read Full Bio
Susan Cosgrove

Susan Cosgrove

Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer Read Full Bio
R. Garrison

Robert Garrison

Managing Director and Chief Information Officer Read Full Bio
A. Gray

Andrew Gray

Managing Director, Group Chief Risk Officer Read Full Bio
Tim Keady

Timothy Keady

Managing Director and Head of DTCC Solutions Read Full Bio
A. Portannese

Anthony Portannese

Managing Director, Human Resources Read Full Bio
Murray Pozmanter

Murray C. Pozmanter

Managing Director and Head of Clearing Agency Services and Global Ops Read Full Bio
Ann Shuman

Ann Shuman

Managing Director and General Counsel, DTCC Read Full Bio
Larry Thompson

Larry E. Thompson

Larry E. Thompson, Vice Chairman and Chairman of the Board of DTCC Deriv/SERV LLC Read Full Bio