May 8 2017


May 8-11, 2017
Boca Raton, FL

Prerequisites: DTCC to Speak


>John Abel, Executive Director, Settlement and Asset Servicing Strategy, DTCC

>Jennifer Peve, Executive Director, Office of FinTech Strategy, DTCC

>Dan Thieke, Managing Director, General Manager, Settlement & Asset Services, DTCC

>Amy Caruso, Director of Strategy and North America Business Development, DTCC

>James Hraska, Managing Director and General Manager of DTCC’s Fixed Income Clearing Corporation (FICC)

>Michele Hillery, Executive Director, Clearing Services, DTCC

>Murray Pozmanter, Managing Director and Head of Clearing Agency Services and Global Operations and

  Client Services, DTCC

>John Vinci, Head of Core Project Management, DTCC

Learn More: http://www.sifma.org/ops2017/

May 8 2017

ISDA 32nd Annual General Meeting

May 8-10, 2017
Lisbon, Portugal

Prerequisites: DTCC to Exhibit, Sponsor & Speak


> Chris Childs, Chief Executive Officer & President, Deriv/SERV LLC

Learn More: http://www2.isda.org/conferences/agenda/isda-31st-annual-general-meeting-05-08-2017-lisbon/

May 18 2017

AFME 10th Annual European Post Trade Conference

May 18, 2017
London, UK

Prerequisites: DTCC to Speak & Sponsor


>Rob Palatnick, Managing Director and Chief Technology Architect

Learn More: http://www.afme.eu/en/events/

Jun 21 2017

Crane's Money Fund Symposium

Jun 21-23, 2017
Atlanta, GA

Prerequisites: DTCC to Sponsor

Learn More: https://www.cranesmfsymposium.com/agenda

Jul 13 2017

11th Annual OTC Derivatives Summit

July 13-14, 2017
Bagshot, UK

Prerequisites: DTCC to Speak & Sponsor


> Ted Leveroni, Chief Commercial Officer, DTCC-Euroclear GlobalCollateral Ltd

Learn More: http://www.iimemberships.com/fixedincome/preloginNew/iiminstituteprelogin.asp?Institute_id=119&SectionID=2076&EventID=&ElementID

Sep 19 2017

SimCorp IUCM 2017

September 19-20, 2017
Barcelona, Spain

Prerequisites: DTCC to exhibit

Learn More: http://www.simcorp.com/en/about/events/iucm-2017

Oct 5 2017

11th Annual Collateral Management Forum

October 5, 2017

Prerequisites: DTCC to Sponsor and Speak


> Ted Leveroni, Chief Commercial Officer, DTCC-Euroclear GlobalCollateral Ltd

Learn More: https://fleming.events/en/events/finance/collateral-management-forum