Feb 23 2016

T+2 Symposium 2016

Feb 23, 2016
New York, NY

DTCC to Speak


> John Abel, Executive Director, Product Management, DTCC

> Michele Hillery, Executive Director, Product Management, DTCC

Learn More: http://www.sifma.org/t2symposium2016/program/

Feb 25 2016

OTC Derivatives Summit Asia

Feb 25, 2016

DTCC to Sponsor


> Donna Milrod, Managing Director and Head of DTCC Solutions, DTCC

Learn More: http://www.otcsummit.com/

Mar 6 2016

EzeSoft Global Conference

Mar 6-9, 2016
Hollywood, FL

DTCC to Exhibit

Learn More: http://ezesoftconference.com/

Mar 8 2016

BVI IT - Solutions Conference

Mar 8, 2016
Frankfurt, Germany

DTCC to Exhibit


> Andrew Douglas, Chief Executive Officer, DTCC Derivatives Repository Ltd., Managing Director of Government Relations for Europe and Asia

Learn More: www.bvi.de

Mar 15 2016

FIA Boca 2016

Mar 15-18, 2016
Boca Raton, FL

DTCC to Sponsor Welcome Hospitality on March 15

Learn More: https://boca2016.fia.org/

Mar 20 2016

ISITC Industry Forum & Vendor Show

Mar 20-23, 2016
Boston, MA

DTCC to Exhibit & Speak


> Rob Palatnick, Managing Director and Chief Architect, DTCC

Learn More: http://www.isitc.org

Mar 21 2016

FIMA Financial Information Management Conference

Mar 21-23, 2016
Boston, MA

DTCC & Clarient to Exhibit


> Matthew Stauffer, Clarient, Chief Executive Officer

Learn More: http://fimaus.wbresearch.com/

Mar 29 2016

2016 Blockchain Symposium

March 29, 2016
New York, NY

Hosted by DTCC

Learn More: http://dtcc.com/events/blockchain

Apr 5 2016

SIFMA Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crimes Conference

Apr 5-6, 2016
New York, NY

Clarient to Exhibit

Learn More: http://www.sifma.org/aml2016/

May 2 2016

SIFMA Operations Conference and Exhibition 2016

May 2-5, 2016
Miami, FL

DTCC to Speak and Sponsor


> Dan Thieke, Managing Director, General Manager Settlement and Asset Services, DTCC

> Mark Jennis, Managing Director, Global Collateral Services & Executive Chairman, DTCC-Euroclear Global Collateral Ltd., DTCC

> Tom Sakaris, Managing Director, Equities Clearing, DTCC

Learn More: http://www.sifma.org/ops2016/