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2016 Annual Report 
DTCC 2016 Annual Report: From Where We Stand

Dear Stakeholders:

From where we stand, 2016 was a year unlike any other – both for the world and DTCC. It is hard to imagine that so much activity, and so much change, could be packed into only 366 days. The seeds of this transformation, first planted in the wake of the financial crisis nearly a decade ago, have now firmly taken root in the form of sweeping new regulations, an extended period of low interest rates, a greater focus on balance sheet and expense management and new fintech innovations – all of which are contributing to substantial financial performance pressure on our clients.

2015 Annual Report 
DTCC 2015 Annual Report: Leveraging Our Global Assets: One DTCC

Dear Stakeholders:

For some businesses, being in the right place at the right time is a matter of good fortune. But for DTCC, leaving things to chance is not in our DNA. We have always believed that careful planning and preparation are the cornerstones of success, and nowhere is that more evident than in the steps we have taken since the 2008 financial crisis to ensure our capabilities remain perfectly aligned with evolving industry needs.

2014 Annual Report 
DTCC 2014 Annual Report: Strength Through Transformation

Dear Stakeholders:

If you spend time at any of DTCC's 23 offices globally, you are sure to hear a lot of talk about transformation. Economic pressures, new technologies and the growing interconnectedness of financial firms are transforming market structure and sparking changes to the industry's operating model and its view of risk management.

2013 cover images 
DTCC 2013 Annual Report: Redefining Challenges. Connecting Ideas. Delivering Results.

Dear Stakeholder:

2013 marked an important milestone in the history of DTCC as we celebrated our 40th anniversary serving the global financial marketplace. Like many organizations that have been around for four decades, much in our business has progressed over the years, but our unwavering commitment to protecting the integrity of the financial system by providing transparency, stability, risk management and reliability is stronger than ever.

2012 Annual Report Cover
DTCC 2012 Annual Report: Securing Today. Shaping Tomorrow.

Dear Stakeholder:

We are pleased to present to you the DTCC 2012 Annual Report – the first-ever all-digital annual report in the history of the organization. The theme of the report is "Securing Today. Shaping Tomorrow." This reflects our commitment to the industry to safeguard the stability and integrity of global financial markets, and our pledge to play a more active role driving positive change.

2011 DTCC Annual Report Cover
DTCC 2011 Annual Report: Managing Risks

Dear Stakeholder:

As we reflect on the past year, we can see the impact of profound changes that will continue to reshape the financial markets and our industry in 2012 and beyond. It is clear to us that DTCC's risk management and operational skills will be more critical than ever in providing the leadership, value and certainty that remain essential to the industry.

2010 DTCC Annual Report Cover
DTCC 2010 Annual Report: Sailing to the End of the Map

Dear Stakeholder:

A sweeping transformation is underway across global financial markets, in response to the worst financial crisis since the great Depression. It’s reshaping DTCC, and challenging us to fundamentally reexamine how we mitigate risk and protect our customers and the financial markets.

2009 DTCC Annual Report Cover
DTCC 2009 Annual Report: Making a Difference

Dear Stakeholder:

In 2009, during an extremely challenging time for the global financial community, DTCC’s performance continued to deliver the certainty, leadership and value that are hallmarks of our long-standing service to the industry.

2008 DTCC Annual Report Cover
DTCC 2008 Annual Report: Stability and Resilience

Dear Stakeholder:

Amid the unprecedented turmoil that engulfed our customers and the financial services sector in 2008, DTCC continued to deliver the rock-solid risk management and reliability our customers have counted upon for more than three decades.