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Published June 17 2019 | Find in Mitigating Risk

The Art of Client Service: Supporting Clients at Every Step of Their SFTR Journey

By DTCC Connection Staff

Securities Lending Times spoke with DTCC’s senior client service leadership to discuss the expansion of its Global Trade Repository (GTR) functionality to accommodate the reporting of securities financing transactions (SFT) as required by Europe’s Securities Financing Transactions Regulation (SFTR).


Published June 14 2019 | Find in Advancing Innovation

AI and Robotics: The Allure of Intelligent Automation

By Gordie Sands, Executive Director, Business Architecture

AI and RoboticsGordie Sands discusses deployment of machine learning, artificial intelligence and robotics, as our industry looks to intelligent automation to accelerate workflows, increase efficiencies and reveal new revenue streams.


Published June 12 2019 | Find in Mitigating Risk

Refreshed Delivers Enhanced User Experience

By DTCC Connection Staff

Refreshed DTCC.comFeaturing a unified structure that simplifies site navigation, the new design delivers a more efficient user experience, providing site visitors with more direct access to information about DTCC products, news and events, and resources for clients and prospects.


Published June 10 2019 | Find in Mitigating Risk

Evaluating the Effects of Post-Crisis Reforms

By Mark Wetjen, DTCC Managing Director and Head of Global Public Policy

Evaluating the Effects of Post-Crisis ReformsMark Wetjen discusses the effects of post-crisis reforms, with the industry debate beginning to shift from the progress being made on the regulation of the financial industry to address the root cause of the problems and meet the goals set out by the G20 summit in 2008.


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