We Make a Difference

We take our role as the financial markets’ backbone to heart. Our value has been battle-tested for over 40 years. And as a trusted leader, we provide solutions to safeguard the markets and instill confidence in the future. “We Make a Difference” is DTCC’s employee value proposition, which sums up how our employees feel about working at DTCC.

Here is what our employees have to say about working at DTCC:

  • “At DTCC, I’m part of something critical to the world’s financial markets. While most of our work is behind the scenes, the magnitude of what we do distinguishes us as the ‘backbone’ of the financial services industry. You won’t see headlines about us, but you will hear stories told with pride by those who had a hand in protecting the industry from loss when the global market depends on it.”
  • “DTCC is small enough for me to see the impact of my contributions, but large enough to provide constant opportunities to learn and create solutions to new challenges. It’s a collaborative and inclusive environment where diverse ideas and viewpoints are welcome and my colleagues want me to succeed.”
  • “My job is more than a good way to make a living. It’s a chance to work at a company that is truly one of a kind. I take pride in our mission and in my role in delivering on our promises to our clients and our communities.”
  • DTCC “We Make a Difference Video