UW Source Registration Information

The Underwriting eligibility request platform, UW Source (which also provides access to the New Issue Information Dissemination System, “NIIDS”) can be accessed by logging in through the “DTCC Web Portal”: https://portal.dtcc.com.

Registration for the UW SOURCE application is controlled through the assignment of Super Access Coordinators (“Super ACs”). The Super AC is given access to DTCC’s Customer Registration System (“CRS”) which allows the Super AC to register other users at their firm for UW SOURCE.

Firms that do not have a Super AC must execute a Super Access Coordinator Authorization Form for DTCC Systems and Applications for Underwriting (the “Super AC form”), designating an individual or individuals at their firm as Super ACs. Once registered and granted the necessary entitlements by DTCC, the Super AC will be able to register and modify the registrations of other users at their firm for the UW SOURCE application.

Please note that the registration process takes up to 72 hours to complete once all required documentation is received by DTCC.

Registration Procedures for Firms without Super ACs for UW Source

Participant Registration (Firms using their Participant Account to request eligibility):

1. Establish a Super AC.

- Execute a Super AC form
- Forward form as instructed on page 3.
- Once the Super AC registration has been processed they will receive an email with login instructions and
  credentials from webrsg@dtcc.com.

Correspondent Registration (Firms utilizing another firm’s Participant Account to request eligibility):

Please send the following documentation via email to webrsg@dtcc.com

1) Correspondent Authorization and Acknowledgement Form Correspondent firm and the Participant firm
    whose account they will be utilizing (the Crediting Participant) must complete the Correspondent Authorization
    and Acknowledgement form , to request a copy of the form please email webrsg@dtcc.com.
2) Once the form has been submitted the Crediting Participant will need to send an email to webrsg@dtcc.com to
    acknowledge the authorization.
3) Executed Super AC form
4) NIIDS correspondent agreement

Registration Procedures for Participant and Correspondent Firms with Super ACs for UW Source

1. Individual users should contact the Super AC at their firm to register for the specific asset classes and environments they wish to access.

Once Super ACs receives entitlements to the UW Source application, they can then register additional users at their firms.

*NOTE: ONLY Super ACs will be registered through the process above, individual users can only be registered through their respective Super AC.

Please contact the Registration Support Group via email to webrsg@dtcc.com with any questions.