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Announcing Institutional Trade Processing’s Best Operational Brokers of 2020

Over the past decade, DTCC has worked with our community towards realizing higher Trade Date Agreement rates and increased counterparty satisfaction, and challenged the industry to achieve higher operational efficiency to drive competitive advantages. As DTCC’s Institutional Trade Processing advances our strategy to provide a no touch post-trade workflow, we would like to congratulate those Brokers who have lead the way in driving best practices by streamlining their operational processes, eliminating inefficiencies, reducing trade touches and increasing their data quality.

Below are those Brokers who achieved the best performance throughout 2020

To learn more read our Benchmarks Report Card Factsheet


1) Rankings are for CTM to enable a global cross border comparison.

2) ITP looked at the asset class Equity separate from asset class Fixed Income.

3) We used the regions of AU, ASIA ex JP, JP, GB & US.

a) We chose GB not EMEA due to limited non- GB coverage and volume concentration outside GB.

b) We chose the US not Americas as non- US coverage was limited.

4) Peers were all Brokers* that appeared in any Quarterly Benchmarks Report as either subscriber or anonymous peers in 2019 excluding partners.

a) The largest 12 worldwide Brokers by volume were all present in the results however not in every region or every asset class.

b) The largest volume 8-12 brokers in each region, for each asset class, were compared to determine who had the highest rank.

c) We excluded any brokers who in any region had 50% or more of their volume with two or less counterparties.

5) The rank was based on the Quarterly Benchmarks Report methodology as determined by the Broker community.

* Broker excludes software partners & in-house brokers.

N.B. Volume was not correlated with rank in 8 of the 9 asset/region combinations. ITP Benchmarks can confirm there was no causal relationship between higher/lower volume and higher/lower rank.

To learn more about Benchmarks, how the results were determined and how we can help you discover the Ideal Workflow please contact your Relationship Manager or contact us directly via ServiceCentral.