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Inbound Files

UW SOURCE Message Specifications and Schemas
(Acrobat .pdf, Version 5.7, Updated 02/22/2012)

Web Upload Specifications

Underwriting Central (UWC) E-CD Spreadsheet Template
(.xlsm, Updated 05/03/2021)

USA Custody CUSIP Request Spreadsheet Template
(.xlsx, Updated 08/09/2018)

UW SOURCE Spreadsheet Upload Template
(.zip, Version 8.0, Updated 11/01/2013)

Specifications for Direct Upload Facility
(.zip, Version 4.0, Updated 11/01/2013)

CDTS User Guides

CDTS User Guide and Schemas
(.zip, Version 2.5, Updated 04/01/2008)

New Issue Information Dissemination System

Mandatory and Optional Data Elements for DTC's New Issue Information Dissemination
(MS-Word, .doc, Updated 03/05/2007)

NIIDS Message Format and Schemas
(.zip, Version 4.5, Updated 02/21/2008)