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Sharpen Your Perspective

DTCC Kinetics can help you keep a pulse on the markets. Analyze timely insights, test your hypotheses, and build models to extract factors that can amplify your investment strategy.

Whether you are trying to refine your risk factors, more efficiently compile broad market aggregates, or enhance your price discovery, our suite of subscription-based cross-asset data insights can help meet your needs – delivered to your inbox.

Equity Kinetics

View, track, and analyze U.S. equities trading volumes by security, for the most active brokers, in addition to anonymous peer groups with daily summaries of the prior trading day, five-day rolling aggregates, and a mid-day snapshot.

Money Markets Kinetics

Helps firms understand short-term buying or selling risk. Hedge Fund Traders and Equity Managers can link and monitor spikes in commercial paper (CP) and institutional certificates of deposit (CD) with our secondary settlement transactions data.

CDS Kinetics

Provides access to the most extensive consolidated set of global CDS data and in-depth understanding of liquidity and transparency of CDS on indexes, corps, sovereign, tranches, agencies, municipal, and loans.

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