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IIEX & APIs: What You Need to Know

By Lauren Richard | 3 minute read | April 19, 2021

DTCC’s Insurance Information Exchange (IIEX) service from Insurance & Retirement Services (I&RS) is now widely available in full production for all clients after the successful pilot late last year.

The IIEX service provides clients with a secure, flexible data hub for the sourcing and consumption of insurance policy data. Using IIEX, I&RS clients can generate on-demand analyses and intelligence to promote data-driven decision making and compliance, all while leveraging industry data standards. As an added feature, IIEX provides clients with the option of ultimate flexibility through APIs, which allow I&RS clients to access insurance policy data within their own technology systems.

Currently, IIEX has three APIs – Get Policy List, Get Policy Detail, and Get Policy Insurance Code List – all of which are available in the DTCC API Marketplace. The APIs provide clients with the flexibility to view aggregated data in one place and efficiently make critical business decisions.

“The IIEX APIs are only the beginning of the spectrum of IIEX’s capabilities,” said Jeanann Smith, Director of Senior Product Management, Insurance & Retirement Services. “The team is constantly innovating to build out IIEX based on feedback from our users, with the next release potentially as soon as Q4 2021 – less than a year after launch.”

Learn More About the IIEX APIs

Get Policy List

IIEX clients can use the Get Policy List API to search for new and existing policies, to easily access on-demand, customized policy data based on a set of criteria. An ‘ad hoc’ combination can be requested using Get Policy List API criteria such as: Carrier Number & Name, Distributor Number & Name, Policy CUSIP & Product Name, IRS Qualification Code, Distributor Account Number, Associated Firm ID, Policy Number, Policy Status, Product Type, Policy Issue State, Product Share Class, Policy Owner’s ID & Name, Primary Producer’s ID & Name, DTCC Carrier Number & Name, Reported Policy Value etc. Once the criteria are sent to Get Policy List API, the API will return a matching result set.

Get Policy Detail

In addition to getting high-level policy information, IIEX’s Get Policy Detail API gives clients on-demand access to customized data from a large selection of policy details. IIEX clients can customize and run queries on new and existing DTCC policies, giving clients the flexibility to request detailed information based on their exact needs.

The Get Policy Detail API allows clients to request a singular set of data elements based on categories. Upon requesting the Get Policy Detail API for a single policy number, the IIEX client will need to request one or more of the following Get Policy Detail data categories: Summary, Value, Funds, Producers, Dates, Events, Party, Features and/or Annuitization.

IIEX clients can use the Get Policy Detail API to view critical data elements (CDEs) and determine which elements are missing from a policy. The personally identifiable information (PII) data within IIEX APIs result output has the ability to be masked, increasing security and reducing risk for clients.

Get Policy Insurance Code List

The IIEX Get Insurance Code List API provides clients with a list of all Codes and Descriptions along with the POV Item Number based on the POV File Layout Format at DTCC.

Clients interested in implementing IIEX APIs can create an account on the DTCC API Marketplace or contact their relationship managers to learn more about IIEX’s APIs.