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Five Ways to Transform Industries and Kickstart Growth

By Michael C. Bodson, DTCC President and CEO | 1 Minute read | January 26, 2021

Financial Market Infrastructures, or FMIs, emerged from behind the scenes during the 2008 crisis, and the coronavirus pandemic has in turn brought renewed focus on their ability to protect the stability and integrity of the global system. FMIs are the key components of the financial system – comprising Systemically important payment systems, Securities settlement facilities and Central counterparties – which ensure the smooth functioning of markets.

Less well-known, however, is their long-standing role in driving innovation for the industry and changes to market structure. At a time when businesses are actively preparing for the new normal, especially as the mass distribution of vaccines signals what we hope is a brighter future for us all, market infrastructures are once again positioned to use the lessons they have learned over the past year to lead industry transformation.

With an eye on tomorrow, we have identified five key areas of focus that firms should prioritize as the world emerges from the pandemic and begins writing the next chapter in its history.

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