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Highlights COVID 19 and FMIs White Paper

By Michael Battaglini | March 16, 2021

Highlights: COVID-19 & FMIs White Paper - 300px

DTCC’s white paper, “COVID-19: Impact and Implications for Financial Market Infrastructures,” provides our insights through the lens of FMIs to provide perspectives that are both different and pertinent, yet somewhat underreported, against the wealth of analyses that have already been published on this topic.

The paper explains that FMIs around the globe performed remarkably well amid unprecedented market volatility and record trade volumes in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak. However, the pandemic’s considerable impact on the macroeconomic environment and systemic vulnerabilities will likely cause structural changes to the financial services industry, as well as the regulatory landscape and legislative agendas. DTCC has identified a number of key challenges and implications for FMIs, which play a crucial role in safeguarding global financial stability.

To help provide a breakdown of the specific challenges and implications mentioned in the paper, we have created a visual summary of the paper’s insights. This four-page summary highlights the three main sections of the white paper:

  • Initial Impacts on Financial Markets and Securities Processing
  • Longer-Term Impacts and Challenges
  • Risk Management Implications

View the summary.