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New Product Administrator Request

To establish or re-establish Product Administrator(s), please fill in as much detailed information as possible. We'll be in contact within 24 hours period. Fields with an asterisk (*) are required.

Have questions? Contact us for help.

We require this form to be completed when:

  • There is no current Product Administrator (PA) listed for a specific acronym.
  • No current Product Administrators for an acronym remain at your company.
  • No current Product Administrators are available to add others via Manage My Services.

If you currently have active Product Administrators they can add others on the same acronym via Manage My Services.

Note: Product Administrators may not be self-nominated. If you would like to be set up as a Product Administrator you must be nominated by an authorized user at your firm.

* Check one of the two options as they apply to the action you wish DTCC to perform:

* Select the applicable environment

* Name of the person to add as PA

* By clicking on "I Agree" below, the Client agrees that the individuals listed above will be established as Product Administrators with full user management rights for that Acronym/BIC.