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Through Business Consulting DTCC’s Global Solutions Delivery team partner with our clients to enhance the use of their existing DTCC products to ensure they are maximising their full potential to reduce risk and increase operating efficiency.


We are committed to partnering with our clients to address their business needs and help drive best practices across the financial services industry. With today’s ever-changing market, increasing your operational efficiency and reducing risk have never been more important. To ensure your firm is utilizing DTCC services and products in the most optimal fashion to drive efficiency, DTCC offers business consulting services through our Global Solutions Delivery team.

Our business consulting services team helps clients in a variety of ways. First and foremost, we take the time to fully understand your current challenges. We help you ‘take a step back’ to evaluate your daily operations, delve into your current situation, and then clearly define areas of focus and opportunities to address these challenges. Our consulting services comprise Central Trade Manager® (CTM) and ALERT, including the following focus areas:


Are you aware of all the asset classes currently supported?

  • Full asset class coverage: Equity, Fixed income, TBAs, Repos


Are you following our best practice guidelines? We have several market specific best practice guides and codes of practice that enable you to get the most out of the services.

  • Market specific (i.e. Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia)
  • Field specific (i.e. PSET/PSAFE matching requirements)
  • Commission and Proration
  • Cross Border Settlement
  • Fixed Income Code of Practice
  • Prime Broker Accounts


Are your matching and affirmation rates as high as they can be? Using DTCC matching solutions can help increase your SDA rates close to a global average of 95%. It’s proven that Same Day Affirmation (SDA) is a key enabler to shortening settlement cycles and reducing risk.

There is growing agreement among policymakers, regulators and market participants alike that shorter settlement cycles benefit the industry and investors, since faster and more efficient settlement practices reduce counterparty risk exposure and promote the efficient use of capital.

With many major markets in Europe and Asia already on T+2 and the US suggesting a move to a T+2 settlement cycle by Q3/2017, industry participants worldwide are now focused on the operational impact of supporting this important move.


Review overall system efficiency:

  • Are you sending through your full volume?
  • Analyse Matching and Affirmation rates – if less than 90% then explore why?

DTCC’s business consulting services is here as your business partner - to help your firm fully optimize the use of DTCC’s services in support of your quest to improve overall business operations, increase efficiency and reduce risk. We provide both onsite and remote consulting, depending on what is most effective for your firm and staff.


  1. Assess your current usage: Your dedicated consultant will conduct a thorough review of your current DTCC suite of services with a focus on existing and historical matching and affirmation rates.
  2. Provide Recommendations for Improvement: Your dedicated consultant will then create a comprehensive report documenting your specific areas for improved efficiency, as well as the proposed recommendations that are customized to your situation.
  3. Implement: Your dedicated consultant will guide you through any changes that you elect to implement as part of the process.


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