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DTCC hires temporary external workers on an on-demand / as-needed basis with the purpose of completing a project or providing specialized skills.

“DTCC recognizes the important of engaging with diverse communities to cultivate future diverse employees and diverse suppliers. We have established a detailed diversity & inclusion policy to ensure we provide equal access for diverse candidates and diverse suppliers and select the best resources on their skills and abilities.”
Celina J. Wilson (She/Her/Hers), DTCC Head Of Enterprise Asset Sourcing & External Workforce Management, Corporate Procurement Services

Reimagining Our External Workforce Together

At DTCC, we strive to deliver best-in-class processes and practices around, external workforce management, vendor management and vendor diversity for DTCC and its vendor partners. Through standardization and clearly defined roles and responsibilities, we are reimagining the external workforce processes and providing our vendor partners with an enhanced external workforce management experience.

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