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  • DTCC Supply Chain FAQ

    How is procurement organized at DTCC?
    The Executive Sponsor is the single point of contact for the third party into DTCC at the executive level, DTCC Corporate Procurement Services (CPS) is organized by business unit with a DTCC representative aligned to departments to support the purchase of all goods and services.

    What type of companies does DTCC work with?
    DTCC works with a wide range of suppliers that are determined by the product and or service being requested. The types of products and/or services purchased by DTCC are driven by the identified needs of our business units.

    Are there specific rules and guidelines that vendors are required to follow when working with DTCC?
    We require that all suppliers follow our pre-defined Supplier Code of Conduct guidelines when partnering with DTCC.

    What information is required when going through the onboarding process?
    Along with the Supplier Registration Form, a W-9 or VAT Registration and bank instruction on company letterhead or bank letter are required.

    How long does the procurement process take?
    The length of the procurement process is determined by the type of negotiation and or purchasing being conducted. It is common for Req to PO deals to be completed within days while negotiations may take months.

    How do I request a change to my vendor profile?
    Suppliers can access the DTCC Supplier Portal to make changes to their profile. If you need additional assistance, contact [email protected].

    How do I obtain my 1099?
    DTCC mails 1099 forms in accordance with the current IRS timing guidelines. Any questions regarding missing or incorrect information on a 1099 can be directed to [email protected].

    • Invoice Questions

      Where do I send my invoices?
      Suppliers providing professional services are required to submit invoices through Fieldglass or Pontoon. For all other suppliers, the preferred method for invoice submission is to email invoices to [email protected] in PDF format or upload directly into the Supplier Portal. Invoices should be individually submitted (i.e., one PDF file for each invoice). For DTCC locations requiring original copy of invoice, a paper copy should be mailed to the respective DTCC office address.

      What if my invoice is rejected?
      Invoices can be rejected for invalid or missing information. If requested, please revise the invoice and resubmit. If the rejection is due to an expired or exhausted purchase order, please contact CPS to obtain a valid purchase order. Once the purchase order has been received, please update the invoice and resubmit.

      When can I expect to be paid?
      DTCC issues payments on a weekly basis. DTCC calculates payment terms based on the invoice date. DTCC’s standard payment term is net 45 unless different terms are negotiated under contract or mandated by law in a country.
      However, invoices must be received at least ten (10) days prior to due date and must be fully compliant with the PO and Non-PO requirements including validation of goods/services received with an undisputed amount, to avoid delay in payment.

      How do I get in contact with Accounts Payable?
      DTCC’s Accounts Payable Department can be reached by emailing [email protected].

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