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Vendors that closely align with DTCC’s strategic initiatives may be eligible for the Preferred Vendor Program. Preferred vendors advance DTCC’s security, efficiency and resiliency; these elements strengthen the confidence our clients have in our ability to deliver seamless and risk-mitigated post-trade services. In collaboration with these vendors, DTCC will continue to innovate, modernize and transform global capital markets.


Three levels of continuous engagement and oversight
Executive Sponsor
The Executive Sponsor is the single point of contact for the third party into DTCC at the executive level, and is the single escalation point within DTCC for vendor relationship-related issues. The Executive Sponsor participates in a meeting with internal stakeholders to discuss (at least once a year): Overall relationship details, concerns regarding master agreements, if applicable, performance results and recent issues or incidents.

Vendor Relationship Lead
The Vendor Relations Lead manages the overall relationship within respective DTCC Business Units. At their discretion, the Vendor Relationship Lead may escalate issues to the Executive Sponsor, when deemed necessary.

Engagement Owner
The Engagement Owner manages the day-to-day service delivery following all applicable DTCC Policies and Procedures to work with the vendor. The Engagement Owner may escalate issues to the Vendor Relationship Lead, when needed.

Vendor Management

At DTCC, we align our partner suppliers based on what they can offer to us as an organization. We use our Vendor Segmentation model to identify where suppliers would best fit.

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