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Supported Browsers

Effective Date: October 25, 2019

DTCC actively supports the following browsers on the listed operating systems:

Supported Browsers
Latest Version on Platforms
Operating System
Manufacturer's Website/URL
Google Chrome
Version 91.0.4472.114 (Official Build) (32-bit)


Windows 10 (21H1) or later
MS Edge (may be configured for IE mode if needed for legacy websites)


Version 91.0.864.41 (Official build) (64-bit) Windows 10 (21H1) or later
Internet Explorer 11 (Until  August 17th, 2021)
Version 11.0.19042.1110 (Official build) (32-bit)


Windows 7 up to 10 (21H1), EOL with Windows 10 (June 15, 2022)


Other Browsers
Other browsers that are not in the Supported Browsers matrix above may work with DTCC’s web sites and applications. They have not however been tested and certified to be compatible, and DTCC may not provide support for them.

DTCC’s Supported Browser
This Supported Browser matrix and FAQ can be accessed here:

DTCC will actively support the Browsers in the Supported Browsers matrix above. To ensure the best possible customer experience, we test new releases of our externally-facing websites and web applications with the versions of the browsers and on the Operating Systems listed in the matrix above, on the release build generally available from the browser vendor at the time of testing. Later minor updates of the same browser version may not be tested but are also supported.

DTCC’s web applications have been tested and are certified to work with at least one of the Supported Browsers. In certain cases, a particular application may have not yet been enhanced to support both Supported Browsers.  

Other browsers and other versions of the actively Supported Browsers may also be compatible with DTCC’s websites and web applications, however DTCC may not test or remediate known compatibility issues with them. 

DTCC will assess new versions of the Supported Browsers within 6 months of their General Availability release, and make a new version available for internal web application testing within 4.5 months of a decision to Actively Support a browser or version. In the ordinary course of business, DTCC will continue to support the designated Supported Browsers for up to 1 year following changes to this designation to allow time for users to move to newly designated actively-supported browsers or versions.

DTCC will review the list of supported browsers at least annually and communicate material changes to Clients and other end users.

Recommendations for Browser Configuration
While we don’t recommend a specific browser, we do have some suggestions for secure, simplified usage:

  • Use the latest supported version of one of the secure browsers listed in the matrix above
  • Certain DTCC web applications may render more effectively in Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) in non-enterprise mode with Compatibility View enabled in your browser. For help in configuring Compatibility View, please see the FAQs below.
  • Update your computer with the latest security patches available from the vendor
  • Enable TLS 1.2 or later encryption
  • Enable JavaScript 
  • Accept browser cookies

How can I get more information about the Supported Browsers?

  • What browser settings do I need to use DTCC's websites and applications?
    DTCC requires that the Supported Browsers be configured to enable TLS 1.2 encryption, JavaScript and browser cookies. A lower protocol will only be used if the server negotiates it.

    To enable these settings in IE11, use the Internet Options command from the Gear icon and then select the Internet options command:

    In Chrome, type chrome://settings/ into the Location bar, or select the Settings commend from the command menu, to display Chrome’s Settings page. Then scroll to Advanced settings, or select advanced settings from the page menu:

chrome option
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  • Why do I need to upgrade my browser?
    The browser providers (including Microsoft and Google) regularly update their browser products to improve the security and stability of the browser. Using up-to-date browser versions can help keep your computer and your data safe from malicious attackers and other threats. 
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  • What do I do if my browser is not supported?
    DTCC recommends using one of the Supported Browsers as the best way to access our websites and applications.
    Many modern browsers will work with DTCC’s applications and websites. If your browser is not currently supported by DTCC and you are unable to switch to one of the Supported Browsers, you may try another modern web browser. 
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  • How do I know if my online session is encrypted?
    Modern browsers including IE11 and Chrome indicate within the browser’s Location bar whether the session is encrypted. Secure sessions typically use a secure version of the web protocol, HTTPS; if HTTPS is displayed in the Location bar at the start of the address, the session uses encryption.

    Additionally, both Chrome and IE11 indicate within the Location bar whether the session is secure. Chrome has a dropdown at the left edge of the Location bar; in IE11 this indicator is on the right side. Click on the indicator to reveal the security of the session:
In Chrome:
In IE11:

  • How can I disable Enterprise Mode in Internet Explorer?

    IE 11 Enterprise mode instructs the browser to behave as if it were an earlier version of IE. These earlier versions do not support the latest HTML features and will cause errors when used to access some DTCC applications.

    Enterprise mode may be configured at the browser level, or at a group level through a Microsoft group policy.

    How to disable at the browser level settings:

    1. Press the ALT key to show the menu bar
    2. Select the “Tools” menu
    3. Uncheck Enterprise Mode (if checked)
    4. Close and Re-open the browser and then log back into your DTCC applications.

    How to disable Enterprise group policy settings:

    If you do not have the authority to carry out the steps above, or If you have carried out the steps above, but are still seeing the compliance alert pop-up on the portal, the configuration may be set through an I.T. group policy that is not visible or accessible by you. Please contact your IT support group to have any DTCC URL’s removed from the Enterprise lists. DTCC applications must run in native mode or Compatibility View Mode.
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  • How can I enable or disable Internet Explorer's Compatibility View?
    Compatibility View is a compatibility mode feature of the web browser Internet Explorer in version 8 and later. When active, Compatibility View forces IE to display the webpage by emulating an older browser as if the page were being viewed in IE7. When compatibility view is not activated, IE is said to be running in native mode (latest is Edge).

    Open Internet Explorer


    Select the Display all websites in Compatibility View option and Add the site to the list of websites with Compatibility View. To disable compatibility view, select the site and click remove. 

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  • How can I get more information about the Supported Browsers?
    Please contact DTCC’s Client Support organizations, or your Relationship Manager. Details about a specific web application may be available from the DTCC Product team that manages the web application. For DTCC Support, please see the Client Center, 
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  • How can I enable