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DTCC Robotic Processing Application Guidelines

DTCC’s brand promise is to stand at the forefront of innovation to mitigate risk, create market efficiencies and reduce costs. As part of our continued efforts to fulfill that promise, DTCC has been exploring standard practices that support the safe and effective use of Robotic Processing Applications (RPAs) to interact with our user interfaces (RPA is a software tool that mimic human interaction within a user interface by creating “bots” or programs which perform the everyday tasks performed manually by workers).  

DTCC does not recommend the use of RPA technology on its user interfaces. If a client or third party chooses to implement RPA technology, the ‘bot’ or other digital worker will be held to the same access, re-certification, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and security requirements as human workers. The client or third party is fully responsible for all risk management of the RPA technology, including testing, disaster recovery and business continuity plans.  

If a digital worker places undue activity or burden on any DTCC system, DTCC may terminate access or connectivity without notice to any user(s) or source address(es) as may be needed to restore or maintain Production operations.

In addition, DTCC may enhance or otherwise modify its user interface applications without consultation with such firms or reference to the use of RPA, and that such changes to the user interfaces may affect the operation of RPA bots resulting in outages or production issues for the firm. 

Note that DTCC offers more automated interfaces that may be more appropriate for your processing requirements. 

If you have any questions, please visit the Client Center for contact information.