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DTCC Learning Helping More Clients

By DTCC Connection Staff | 2 minute read | February 24, 2021

DTCC Learning Infographic

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Despite the many challenges brought forth in 2020, interest in using DTCC Learning (DTCCL) resources continued to grow. In fact, DTCCL surpassed 1 million web page views for the first time and saw web page views grow by almost 200,000 from 2019.

DTCCL offers a growing library of more than 4,500 documentation and learning assets on its Learning Center, which are available to all DTCC clients at no charge (Customized learning programs can be tailored specifically to client’s requests for a fee upon request.). The information is presented largely so clients can learn at their own pace, including new user toolkits; step-by-step “how-to” resources; detailed product documentation; and simulations that walk users through highly complex transactions to completion. Industry and product webinars led by experts are also offered for new accounts and to support the release of new products and product enhancements.

Other significant milestones for DTCCL in 2020 include:

  • The addition of 10,000 more registered users to a total of more than 50,000 worldwide. Registering and logging into the DTCC Learning Center is important because it gives clients access to the full set of helpful resources offered.
  • The DTCCL team added or updated 1,550 resources on the site; a mixture of documents, web articles, videos and self-paced e-learning courses all aimed at helping clients optimize their use of our products and services.

“Our annual Learning Center satisfaction survey revealed that 86% of respondents would recommend the platform to a colleague, which is a fairly high score for a website.  That said, we are working on a major site refresh to bring improvements to navigation and a modernized user interface in 2021, to help improve the user experience further,” said Robin Choudhury, DTCC Executive Director, Brand Management & Client Learning.


For more information, visit the DTCC Learning Center at or email [email protected].